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I told my husband about this annoying news post and how I was called a “tree hugging liberal mysandrist feminazi that needs to not be so sensitive and quit taking” and he did this :) also, my friend Ali is the absolute best

I refuse to label myself a feminist due to the bullshit it’s been made it into. A very popular feminist blogger said that all men are rapists because they have the potential to be. People ate it up like it was nutella and jumped on the band wagon. That shit is disgusting. Just thinking of my son being called a rapist just because he is a man makes me sick.




in 1966, john lennon said “we’re more popular than jesus now” and people went batshit crazy. the beatles lost so many fans, and their record sales went down.

in 2013, kanye west claimed to be some weird-ass breed of jesus known as “yeezus" and the world stood and laughed. he even gained some fans.

what the fuck.

Fuck society

yeah, forreal

why did the beatles even have sales in the first place?

^^ fuck the Beatles

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Having an anxiety disorder is like that moment where your chair almost tips or you miss a step going down the stairs but it never stops

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Don Draper is a piece of shit ok

" what a fucking loser "

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For the most part I avoid looking at the comments on local news stories, then there are the times I don’t avoid it.
I hate everyone.

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